Lotus Tabletop Lamp

Lotus Tabletop Lamp


The lotus flower flourishes in shallow ponds and near the edges of larger bodies of water. It grows up from the soil, through water, and then into the air. In this way, the flower, metaphorically as well as literally, connects the three spheres of earthly existence – land, sea, sky – and embraces the metaphorical associations attributed to each.  The lotus is the symbol of absolute purity; it grows from the dark watery mire but is untainted or unstained by it.

The lotus’ blossoms achieve unblemished beauty after their birth in the muck of earthly platitude. They open and close in perfect harmony with the ebb and flow of the sun. Its base sits flush upon the water; gently rocking with the tidings and ripples. In these ways the flower represents effortlessness, direction, and the attainment of beauty. It is a perfect metaphor from which to view the grand unity of all existence, a graceful acceptance of worldly processes, the attainments resulting from an upright life of religious observance and, taken all together, the Tibetan Buddha Dharma.

size: 5.6" x  5.6" x 7.2" tall


This design is also availible in our hanging lantern and nightlight.

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All of our interior lamps, lanterns and night lights are made with untreated Monterey Pine from sustainable sources, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our paper features a traditional cloud dragon pattern that is coated with synthetic fibers, making it durable and washable. Just wipe with a damp cloth when needed. Subtle, glossy mulberry fibers create depth and elegance.